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CNG cylinders international (CNGci) – a leading manufacturer of Type 3 CNG cylinders and fuel systems used in the transportation Industry – announced today that it is changing its name to Winkelmann Flowform Technology – Fuel Systems (WFT-FS). The name change reflects the company’s broader commitment to high-pressure gas storage applications relying on large diameter Type 3 cylinders beyond on-board CNG fuel storage applications which had been the core business for CNGci.


In conjunction with the name change a restructuring effort has relocated WFT-FS to Thousand Oaks, California from where it will be coordinating the sales and marketing efforts targeting its customers on the West Coast and Mexico, while its manufacturing operations have been relocated to WFT-FS headquarters in Auburn, Alabama.

WFT-FS is part of the Winkelmann Group; a German company with global manufacturing facilities and provider of flow formed products catering to a wide variety of automotive, industrial, defense and aerospace applications.  Winkelmann Group consists of 4 main divisions comprising 26 individual business units and 13 manufacturing and sales operations in 12 different countries.

WFT-FS will continue to support its customers through its existing sales and support channels to ensure there is a smooth continuation of services and looks forward to the opportunity to explain our unique technology and products.

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  • The proven safety of CNGci’s type 3 cylinders over type 4 inside impact scenarios was a critical factor in NAR’S choosing CNGci to be our supplier of choice for our chassis rail mount systems.johnReedSig

    John ReedPresident, North American Reposer
  • While we are very pleased with the quality of your product, I must say that your policy of having inventory in stock ready to ship to us has been very important to us. The way in which we introduce a new customer to our conversion kit is by first getting them into a 1-2 truck demonstration. The fact that we have been able to keep the momentum of customer’s interest in doing these demos by having tanks ready for shipment has been very valuable.elio_sig

    Elio MullerPresident - Diesel 2 Gas, Inc
  • Thank you so much for the support.  I want to brag a little on you guys and say you are the best CNG tank company I have worked with.  That includes Agility, Dynetek and Lincoln. I love your tanks and there connections….second to none.  Again thanks.mike_king_sig

    Mike KingCompressed Energy Systems

Up to 37% Greater Fill Rate During Fast-Fillusing our Type 3 cylinders


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Expanding The Use of Natural Gas In The Trucking Industry

The trucking industry within the United States has millions of 18-wheelers traveling throughout the country. These trucks haul everything from office supplies to packaged foods across the Interstate Highways. Trucking companies are paying attention to the benefit of fueling more trucks with natural gas. Natural gas burns cleaner and it is significantly cheaper which benefits all consumers.

Leading truck engine manufacturers (such as Cummins) are shipping out new engines designed to make long, cross country runs on natural gas. Truck stops are adding more and more natural gas refueling stations along busy truck routes. Some major shipping companies (such as Proctor and Gamble) understand the importance of greener technologies so they are choosing to transport their products in trucks powered by natural gas. Not only is the cleaner burning gas a great draw for major companies but also the additional fuel saving cost makes the conversion to natural gas trucking engines hard to resist.

ups-truckUPS has also been working towards converting a large percentage of their 18-wheelers to natural gas engines. The goal is for the company to acquire only trucks that run on natural gas over the next few years. Big hauling companies like UPS have a long way to go before they are fully converted to trucks running on natural gas engines. Fortunately the government has been providing nice incentives to states choosing to invest in cleaner burning fueling stations. These natural gas stations invite tax credits and grants to those stations choosing to make the investment.

Natural gas engines can help bridge the gap between current oil dependence and the need to have a viable, clean fuel alternative. It is a wiser investment in our planet over the long haul while saving money for consumers and business owners at the same time. The trucks currently hauling products across the country consume up to three million barrels of oil each day. By cutting the number of oil dependent engines within the trucking industry our country could see less of an expense on oil imports. In fact, drilling for natural shale gas has been booming to the point where natural gas is so inexpensive that now is the time to wean more trucks off the oil industry.

Truckers can save up to $1.50 per gallon when using engines that run on natural gas. Being able to access this clean fuel here in the United States also helps to stabilize pricing. Even with all these benefits the switch to natural gas burning engines in the trucking industry has been slow, yet steady. More traditional gas stations need to be willing to install and maintain natural gas refueling options in order to support further investment in natural gas engines. Emission standards are so much easier to meet when the truck engine is running on natural gas. It only makes sense to follow the lead of those within the trucking industry who are working hard to invest in the future of our planet by engineering even more natural gas engines.