CNGci Wins Canada Approvals

CNG Cylinders International reports approval of its Type III CNG fuel cylinders in British Columbia (Canadian Registration Number R2348.51) and Ontario (CRN R2348.5), substantially broadening its market penetration.

CNGci (Booth 634) continues to promote its large Type III, carbon fiber-on- aluminum cylinders – with diameters of 23 and 25 inches – for their superior heat dissipation when fueling, “allowing for significantly more gas and thus more usable DGE in the cylinder under fast-fill conditions, which is an industry game-changer.”

CNGci uses seamlessly forged AL6061 liners with an aerospace-grade carbon fiber full body overwrap. Aluminum billet yields “a stronger, superior product,” the company says.
CNGci’s 93.5-inch tank can hold 49.2 DGEs under fast-fill conditions. The company is based in Oxnard, California.


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