Visit Us at Green Transportation Summit & Expo, Tacoma, WA – April 5 – 7, 2016


Green Transportation Summit & Expo, Tacoma, WA – April 5 – 7, 2016

Meet Nationally Known Speakers, the Latest Technology, Local Agencies and Dealers all in one place – and see how other fleets like yours have saved money and reduced their carbon footprint by using alternative fuels. As the fastest-growing alternative fuels regional conference in North America, GTSE offers a conference agenda that will give fleets the best value for their time and money.

  • OEM Roundtable – Electric, Hybrid, Natural Gas, and Propane
  • Carbon Footprint/Climate Change Updates
  • Zero and Near Zero emission technology opportunities
  • High Horse Power – Truck operations, Tote Vessels (LNG), Drayage Trucks (CNG), Marine, and Locomotives
  • Clean Fuels Program, ZEV Program (Zero EmissionVehicle)
  • Renewable Diesel – The new trend amongst Muni’s in Oregon and California
  • State and Federal policy best practices (natural gas, electric, propane)
  • Membrane Tech, Renewable Fuel Standard, and RINS credits
  • Washington and Oregon State policy tracks
  • What the state of play is on Infrastructure (electric)
  • Innovation for CNG vehicles and Fueling Stations
  • Alt Fuel technician training, certifications, industry standards, and Technical Schools
  • Emissions Solutions and Anti-Idle Reduction Technologies
  • And many more…

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