CNGci Hdqtrs - Oxnard, CA

 Excellent Customer Support

  • Agile for fast customer response and problem resolution
  • All personnel, including the President, are available for advice and consultation

Flexible to Special Customer Requests and Requirements

  • Easily accommodate special requests regarding product size and configuration, stocking and shipping
  • Small or single orders are acceptable flexible production schedule to accommodate faster delivery times
  • Flexible production schedule to accommodate faster delivery times.

Financially Secure and Established With Outstanding CNG Industry Reputation.

  • CNGci was purchased by the Winkelmann Group, a $600MM metal forming company in April 2015


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Superior Manufacturing Processes and Product Quality

  • Based on more than 40 years of metal forming experience

On-Hand Inventory

  • All cylinder sizes in stock and available for quick shipment
  • Liner stocking programs available for shorter lead-times and JIT delivery.

Attractive Pricing from a Lean Organization with Low Overhead Costs